Want To Know How Your Competitors Got Their Videos On Page 1?

My name is Joshua Zamora,
and I’ve got one question for you…

Do you want to see your video on page 1 of Google and YouTube?

Sure you do. There’s no point in making videos if they’re just going to get stuck on page 27.

And here’s the good news. You CAN do it. And you don’t need years of experience, you don’t need a massive budget, and you don’t need to be sleeping with someone on Google’s dev team.

You just need the right information.

And normal keyword research doesn’t give it to you.

See, I know how much it sucks to spend HOURS doing keyword research and getting NOTHING in return.

I remember finding what I was CERTAIN were easily-rankable terms… spending ages building backlinks (was anything ever more boring?)… and getting nowhere.

It got to the point where I didn’t trust any of my research. Even when I found what I thought was a good keyword, I had no confidence I could get my videos ranked.

Quite honestly, I was considering turning out the lights for good.

Back then, I didn’t know about the missing link.

I didn’t realise there was some crucial information I was missing… information that was VITAL to knowing if I could rank for those keywords.

And once you know what you’re doing wrong, you can RELIABLY get results like this:

These days I never have to wonder ‘if’ I can break a niche. I never have to find a keyword that looks OK and try my luck.

What’s the secret? Better intelligence.

It’s not enough to understand the niche. You need to understand your COMPETITION.

And when you do, you can turn your top rankings into paydays like these:

You need to know EXACTLY
what it takes to get your video on page 1

You need to know how the videos currently profiting from top rankings got there. You need to know their social footprint, how new they are, and how many backlinks are driving them.

Just think…

If you knew EXACTLY what it took to get on page 1, how long would it take you to decide if this was a good niche?

About a minute, amirite?

And you’re probably thinking…

“But finding all that info’s going to take HOURS!”


It’ll take about 90 seconds.

Keyword research that used to take hours now takes seconds:

Tube Sniper Pro does all the legwork, and serves up your results in an easy-to-understand table

‘Smart suggest’ to find hot keywords you would never have thought of:

hunt down the high-volume, low-competition gold nuggets before your competition have got off the ground

See immediately if a niche is worth attacking:

simple easy/medium/hard ranking means you won’t have to guess if you can rank… you’ll KNOW it

Gather all the intel on your competitors:

discover likes, views, number of backlinks and any SEO weaknesses on EVERY video in the Google top 10

Rank more videos and rank them faster:

Now you can find hot niches and get your videos ranked at top speed, you can get even more videos live… and that means more traffic and more commission

Easily create hundreds of high-PR backlinks:

all the hard work is done for you, so creating high-PR backlinks is as easy as clicking a button

Even if you’re completely new to video marketing, you can have your videos on page 1 fast

You can be finding keywords and ranking in just 4 easy steps…

Find keywords using Tube Sniper Pro’s ‘smart suggest’ technology
Instantly assess the competition. When Tube Sniper Pro shows a weakness, you know you’re in!
Upload your niche-conquering video to YouTube
Use Tube Sniper Pro’s high PR backlink database to blast your way to page 1

And that’s it.

All the work of researching and ranking a video done in MINUTES.
Now you just need to work out how to spend the rest of your evening.

And as you get more experience, you’ll discover the power Tube Sniper Pro v3.0 really gives you

The 3 ultra-powerful modules take you all the way from finding a hot niche to DOMINATING it.

Keyword Research

Slash the time you need to spend on competition research by 90%.

Just enter your keyword and Tube Sniper Pro will reveal search counts for Goggle and YouTube, as well as the total number of videos you’ll be going up against in Google’s top 10 and top 100.

You can even import multiple keywords and get all your research done in a single click.

This key data lets you see at a glance if this is a niche you can dominate or one best left alone… so no more time wasted on niches it’s too much work to crack.

Competition Analysis

Select any keyword and Tube Sniper Pro will instantly give you a breakdownof all the key SEO data for EVERY video in Google’s top 10…

So you know exactly what got them there, and how you can beat them!

  • 1
    On-page SEO analysis:

    hunt down weaknesses you can exploit to outrank the competition

  • 2
    Social data:

    Likes and views are instantly revealed

  • 3
    Backlink hunter:

    Discover the number of backlinks supporting your competition’s videos, then use Tube Sniper’s Backlink Builder to smash your way to the top

  • 4
    Upload date:

    Google loves new content, and here you’ll discover if you’re taking on fresh videos or if they’re old and stale

High-PR Backlink Builder

Get all your videos ranked FAST.

Tube Sniper Pro comes with a database of hundreds of high-PR blogs ideal for backlinking, giving you the SEO firepower to blast your way to page 1.

EVERY blog in the database is PR3-PR6 and has less than 100 outbound links… and that means you’ll be getting a MASSIVE amount of link juice.

Your competition won’t see you for the dust.

But even that doesn’t do this app justice…

check out just some of the awesome features you’ll have at your back:
  • Web interface
    because Tube Sniper is a web app, it doesn’t matter if you love Macs or prefer PCs. You can use Tube Sniper on any machine… all you need is an internet browser
  • Keyword Suggestion
    generate dozens of long-tail buyer keywords in seconds – whatever your niche, Tube Sniper Pro will find you a way in
  • Instant competition assessment
    Don’t have time to go through all the data. No problem – Tube Sniper Pro will do it for you. If it says ‘hard’, steer clear, if it says ‘easy’, go in guns blazing! It’s that simple.
  • Video
    rank tracker
    Bored of spending your evenings keeping tabs on your rankings? Just enter the URL and keyword, and Tube Sniper Pro will track your
  • Auto intelligence
    Use the rank tracker to keep an eye on how your competitors videos are performing, ready to strike at the first sign of weakness
  • Proxy support
    Power user? We’ve got you covered – use your best proxies with a simple copy, paste, click.
  • Built-in proxies
    Don’t want to use your own proxies? The app has several built-in you can use for faster results.
  • Easy
    Load, save and export all your campaigns and projects
  • Link
    Get indexed FAST. The new and improved pinger module is guaranteed to get Google’s attention
  • Google country switch
    Interested in local rankings? You can tell Tube Sniper Pro to use ANY country’s Google domain in its research. Unlike most research tools, we don’t force you into .com.
With Tube Sniper Pro v3.0, there are no limits…

UNLIMITED videos and UNLIMITED niches are yours for the taking

Just because this is a special deal, we’re not cutting any corners.

You can use Tube Sniper Pro for an UNLIMITED number of videos. You can search for UNLIMITED keywords, and find UNLIMITED niches.

And not only that, but every time we release an update, you’ll get it for free.

You can have lifetime access to Tube Sniper Pro v3.0 with every update… but only if you act fast

When this launch is over, Tube Sniper Pro v3.0 will be unleashed on the public.

And this time, it’ll be a recurring fee. $97 setup and then $47/month.

But right now, you can get in for just $47. For what will only buy most people a single month of use, you can have access for LIFE.

And not only that, you’ll also get 4 Exclusive Bonuses that don’t just help

They’ll turn those rankings into cold hard cash!

100 Extra High PR Sites ($37 value)

We’ve researched over with 100 high pagerank low outbound-link sites, PERFECT for giving your videos an extra jolt of link juice.

Finding these yourself would take a ton of time and money… but we’ve done all the legwork.

With just a handful of these pages you can rank super fast, even for tougher terms!

Zamurai Clickbank Rolodex Volume 1 ($17 value)

Getting ranked is great. Getting cash is better. Our Clickbank Rolodex contains ten of the most profitable offers we’ve found. Your video traffic will snap them up, and you’ll love the commissions they bring!

Zamurai Clickbank Rolodex Volume 2 ($17 value)

2 is always better than 1, so we’ll also throw in Volume 2 of our exclusive Clickbank Rolodex. This contains 10 more high-converting offers you can start promoting TODAY.

Zamurai Millionaire Marketing Rolodex ($17 value)

Want to get on the CPA gravy train?

The Millionaire Marketing Rolodex is my personal list of high-commission, low-competition affiliate networks… and they pay up to $500 PER SALE.

All this can be yours today for

one single investment

And for that single investment, you’ll get:
Unlimited, LIFETIME access to Tube Sniper Pro v3.0
Usual price: $564 for one year
  • 100 Extra High-PR Sites Value: $37
  • ZamuraiClickbank Rolodex Volume 1 Value: $17
  • ZamuraiClickbank Rolodex Volume 2 Value: $17
  • Zamurai Millionaire Marketing Rolodex Value: $17
Total value: $652 for one year
Your special deal:for LIFE

That's a total value of $652, which you'll have today for just $97.

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Plus: You’re Fully Covered By The 30 Day Guarantee

You can try Tube Sniper Pro today with complete confidence. We GUARANTEE you’ll find it the easiest and best way not only to hunt out premium niches for your videos, but to get them ranked too.

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, send just one e-mail to our support team and you’ll have your full investment back, with our compliments, within 48 hours.

That’s a promise.

This is your chance to put YOUR videos at the top of Google’s charts

Look, maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think you got into video marketing to be stuck on page 13… to spend ages on keyword research and STILL not know if you’ve got

When you make videos, you want to make sure they get SEEN. And that means page 1.

That’s what Tube Sniper Pro is going to give you. The satisfaction of knowing that YOU can put YOUR videos in front of millions of people.

Tube Sniper Pro has already worked its magic for over 1600 customers, so I’m pretty certain it can do the same for you. Think about it:being able to find buyer keywords where you KNOW that you can get your video on page 1… watching those commissions clock up from high-converting promotions… that would be something, right?

You bet it would. And all you need to do is click the button below now to claim your MASSIVELY DISCOUNTED copy of the ultimate video ranking tool:

Yours Truly, Aravindh Sridhar, Joshua Zamora
& Andrew Naser


You’ve already seen how easy Tube Sniper Pro is to use, and how much power it gives you.

You’ve seen how it doesn’t just find hot, profitable keywords… it gives you the lowdown on your competition and helps you rank with the HUGE high PR backlink database.

And sure, if you’re happy never really knowing if your keywords are good, or if you don’t want your videos to be seen by many more people… then you don’t have to take this offer.

Because there’s no risk here. You’ve seen Tube Sniper Pro in action. You’ve seen the 30 day 100% guarantee.

Tube Sniper Pro V3